Tuesday, June 27, 2006

spidey, kraven, bullseye

gearing up towards london film and comic con. they just announced christopher lee as a guest. but to get an autograph it's £45 for one. yowza. a bit steep for my price range. but then again, it could be a once in a life time to meet this legend. i doubt i'd get a chance tho, most likely be stuck at a table drawing. :)

did three character sketches among other projects i'm currently juggling to step back into the spidey role. pages are due soon so i better get cracking. yes, they're a bit stagnant just standing there. but i did them this way on purpose. i was trying to get height comparisons as to help when i draw them against each other. anyways, enjoy. they'll be on sale in any case at this weekend's con.

Friday, June 23, 2006


hey everyone, it's official. i will be attending the july 1 and 2 2006 london film and comicon at earl's court in london. come by and say hi. for details, please head to their official website LONDON FILM AND COMICON

they've also got an official guest thread for me on their forums. come by and let me know if u're going...

Friday, June 16, 2006


wowee. after working for whitewolf for almost 5 years now, i have finally been offered to do covers! YAY! i've been waiting a very long time. i've been pestering my editor, brian, for a while now and WOOO finally, he gave in. heh. so i'm really excited. like a kid in a candy store. now the pressure's on me to not let myself or whitewolf down! will keep u posted.

meanwhile, for the most recent spidey cover that was posted on the 14 june below. i've been pointed out an error in my drawing which i have to admit, i overlooked. good eye people. basically the size of spidey's kicking foot is way to big. i wanted to throw a real dynamic perspective but unfortunately at the cost of reality. so i've decided to change it. but my good fellow, jeremy, beat me to the punch and corrected it for me! what a guy! :D

anyways, here's the corrected cover with spidey minus a hobbit's foot.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

mo spidey and starship troopers

well, talk about fast. i passed this finish inks to jeremy yesterday and POW, finished colours today! furthermore, it looks absolutely brilliant in my unbiased eyes! heh. this is the cover for spectacular spiderman uk #140.

i've also been given the green light to show two covers just finished for starship troopers. :) enjoy!


the publishers of the architect BIG HEAD PRESS has decided to extend the deadline of the architect competition. so u can still win a signed original artwork of page 60 below if u submit ur entry by july 16. head over to the big head press website and forums for details

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

some spidey

just finished the cover for spectacular spiderman 140. thought u might be interested to see before it gets the color treatment by talented jeremy roberts.

i also forgot to post these below. they were covers for spidey uk as well that has hit the stands. so enjoy! :D

sketchbook offer ends soon

hey all, it's been nearly a month since the sketchbook offer was announced and it's been received well. but just a quick reminder that my sketchbook offer ends soon. the price will unfortunately go up to supplement the post and handling expense after the 19 of june. so place ur order in before the 19 if u haven't already.

the details of this offer can be seen on the image above. just click on it to find out the details. BWAAH!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


just a quick reminder that a chance to win an original signed artwork from the architect is closing in. so if u haven't submitted for the competition yet, please do so before the 12 june 2006! BWAAH!

here's a copy and paste of the competition below...


click this link to find out the details...big head press forum
or read below...

have a look at this piece below
'what the hell's going on?', u might ask. well, wanna take a stab at
guessing what happens from that leads up to page 60. if u do, u might win
the original artwork of page 60!

here's the deal, check out what's happening at the architect so far at big head press, and then have a good look at page 60. if u can guess and write a short paragraph describing the events that leads up to 60 and send the entry to contact@bigheadpress.com, with "Page 60 Contest" as the subject line. the entry we deem closest to the story, will win the original art board for page 60, signed from me. sure, it might not be worth a lot now, but one day, u might be able to buy that dream house u were thinking of.

all entries become property of Big Head Press, and the decision of the winner by Big Head Press is final. unfortunately there can be only one winner, so sharpen ur typing tools and get cracking. all entries should be in no later then june 12. then sit back, enjoy the read and see who wins at the end of the tale.


be quick folks! :D

Saturday, June 03, 2006

x-men: the last stand...or is it?

so, saw the x-men movie. saw it on opening day on the 26 may. with the expo the next day, deadlines, etc, i just didn't get the chance to write up what i thought about the movie. i loved it. enjoyed it. wished it was longer, but still what they gave us was a thrilling non stop roller coaster ride that, well, did eventually stop at under 2 hours. with all that they had to get thru, i truly wished they took their time and made it longer. so i'm in the minority. ah well....heh.

spoilers ahead, so quit reading if u haven't seen the movie.

so, everyone's griped about the movie. no character build up, etc. hated hugh jackman as wolverine. in the comics, wolverine's suppose to be 5ft5 tall, cyclops doesn't die, and so on and so forth. let's face it, this is not the comics. this is hollywood. we all know by now hollywood takes liberties on adapting comics to movies. so if they killed off cyclops for good, cool. :)

i def did not expect the joker to die in the first tim burton's batman film. c'mon, he's batman's ultimate arch nemesis. and they straight out killed him off. i was young then, and i was thinking it was related to the comics so for months i was waiting for the joker in the comics to die off so the comic and movie can all live in happy unison. wroooong! i mean, they could have played it safe and put him in arkam asylum like in the comics....but nooooo, just killing him off was a better closure so hollywood thought. now they can't possibly bring him back, so let's close that chapter and do 'batman begins' (which was the best move for that franchise).

now i rate a movie on how good it is, if it takes me on an emotional ride. if i have tears or am close to tears, then the movie has moved me. so with that being said, when prof x bites it and logan comes back into the room only to find his wheelchair and he lets out a yelp and cry, that did it for me. :) storm ruined it of course, she just looked like she didn't wanna miss out on being in the scene so to get into the face of the camera, she hugs logans. lol. a bit harsh, yes. but i think the role of storm should have been passed on to someone else. sorry, halle berry just cannot play storm or a superhero for that matter. her agent should just not offer her anymore comic adaptations. but that's just my humble opinion. i'm sure a lot of folks out there disagree.

anyways, it was a good movie, cause there were deaths, triumphs, victories and sadness. i wished there were more deaths in the movie, especially to the good guys. good guys are overated. YAH!

x-men 1, 2 and finally 3 feels like one big giant ass movie. singer developed the characters and ratner finished if off with an action packed finale. so essentially, if u watch all 3 movies back to back, then presto, u got all the character developement u need and hot ass action to boot. BWAAH! but is the franchise over? maybe not...

maybe yes...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

back from the expo

damn! that was my best convention yet. altho cynthia and myself were tucked into a hidden area of the hall (being last minute artist alley and all) being smothered by the huuuge atari van in front of us, we both got quite a great response. the crowd def wants more of an artist alley presence around. so hopefully in october, there will be more of us to boot. i'm def gonna try and attend the october one. my sketchbook took off pretty well too. considering they can get a sketch for an extra £1, it was a bargain. but some sketchbooks went on their own. it was a pretty solid weekend.

for those that missed out on getting my sketchbook, do not fret. i'll be attending the london film and comic con on july 1 and 2. so please come along. and also i'm definitely considering attenting the mcm expo again in october. but if u can't make to any of those, my sketchbook and sketch is also available to order my emailing me at andiesketches@yahoo.com, or visit the entry below entitled free sketchbook, or visit my devianart and website for more info.

i forgot to mention to some customers to scan the sketches back to me, so if u're reading this, please, please when u get the chance, i wouldn't mind a digital copy of the sketch just for the records. i've started getting some sketches back which i will share.

here's kurt wagner aka nightcrawler.