Friday, June 22, 2007


PHWEEEEOOOOW, well, since mcm epo, i've been hitting the floor running, with deadlines, meetings, looking for a new place to live and now moving!

london mcm expo was awesome as usual. thanks heaps to the organisers, bryan, paul and tracey for organising another great event. met all the usual suspects, from tozzer, pulptheatre, blink twice guys, to staz, john, lee, henry, emma and met some new people, always awesome, thanks to dez, spencer, mark d, mark s, dave and gosh so many more. thanks to all the people i got to draw for again, u know who u are. apologies for all those i missed out... again. apologies to a couple that came when i was setting up, then came back again twice, but i was already drawing for other people. hopefully, i'll get to draw for u guys next time. did not mean to be rude. eek. until again in october hopefully.

so in the meantime, have been doing loads of spidey. here are some pics in no particular order.

first up, some old sketches which i've been meaning to upload for ages but never got around to it. just straight out from my black book of stuff, u'll probably never see these again anywhere else... (except for on my deviantart...heh). next two images were posted up ages ago but then had to take it down by request of the magazine creator. but now that the magazine, cereal geek has been out for a while, i'm pretty sure these are now cool to show. anyways, magazine is about 80s cartoons. check it out here. after that, a pencil and inked/coloured version of a cover i did for razor kid. to find out more about it... click here. did a few judge dredd sketches. another one minute later commission for michael finn and a black canary and huntress commission. and finally, all the spidey pages i've been working on. some inks by kris justice, all interior colours by james offredi, cover colours by jason cardy. enjoy!!