Wednesday, August 30, 2006


marvel's first family is about to cameo in the latest issue i'm doing of spidey uk. so i thought i'd get some quick sketches to get the feel of the characters. :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


phew. the drama is over. i'm finally moved and leaving all the crap from the previous place behind me. believe it or not, it almost got nasty. the previous landlord tried to withhold part of the bond that was owed to us. when we said that he will be expecting a call from out lawyer...walah...he produced the cheque there and then.... sigh.... anyways...

it's taken a while for my internet to be available at the new place. finally, am back online as u can tell. got a lot to catchup on and messages to reply to. thanks heaps for all those that wrote in here as well as deviantart and showed support. truly appreciate it. it'll take me a while to reply to all the messages but i am to do so slowly but surely. i think i got about 250 messages to reply to...heh heh...eek...

as i was waiting for the internet to come back on line, i've been busy working away on deadlines. finally finished the 8 pager issue #0 for starship troopers from markosia. so look out for it around october. worked on more exalted for whitewolf which unfortunately i cannot yet show due to confidentiality agreement and all that. and back on spidey uk.

i've also got great news which i'm finally allowed to announce. i have been given the task of sole regular artist for spiderman uk starting in october! so from me, every 3 weeks will be a new spidey comic. YAY! can't wait to really sink my teeth and concentrate on doing spidey and all the marvel characters that guest stars.

in the meantime, finally got colours back for spidey UK #140 from the talented james offredi. here's 3 pages which i previously showed the lineart work for.

here's the cover to the next spiderman uk coloured by the talented jeremy roberts.

and finally, got a piece from jukka on a mary jane sketch i did a while back.

thanks guys! thanks everyone for ur patience! :D