Tuesday, June 13, 2006

sketchbook offer ends soon

hey all, it's been nearly a month since the sketchbook offer was announced and it's been received well. but just a quick reminder that my sketchbook offer ends soon. the price will unfortunately go up to supplement the post and handling expense after the 19 of june. so place ur order in before the 19 if u haven't already.

the details of this offer can be seen on the image above. just click on it to find out the details. BWAAH!


Blogger alice massey said...

hello you amazing creature- sorry but i am a fan of comic graphics and before you generalise i am not a fat four eyed geek sitting at the computer dribbling but your work is brilliant cheers for making me smile mwahhx

7:59 pm  
Anonymous andie said...

hey alice, thanks for the kind words. i don't generalise and i'm glad my work makes u smile. appreciate u taking the time to write a little something. added fuel to keep me going. thanks again.

11:23 pm  

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