Tuesday, April 24, 2007


yes! i can finally announce this. there is a new sketchbook unveiling at bristol expo and for the convention season of 2007. i've decided to tackle this sketchbook differently from the BWAAH! sketchbook of 2006 whereby...well, u'll just have to pick one up to see. but i'm sure u can guess once u take a peek at the samples below. all new sketches. never before seen art, well aside from the ones shown below, obviously, sketched solely for the purpose of this sketchbook with 4 coloured interior pages. here's a taste and hopefully to peak your interest. only 100 copies printed. so come down early if u wanna pick up one.

i'm now taking in suggestions on what u'd like to see in my next sketchbook. so hit me here, email me or deviant me for any suggestions. no guarantees it will be in the final print but it could be. btw no self created characters or nudity suggestions. sorry. avoid obviously the ones that are already in PHWOAR!! 2007 sketchbook such as classic spiderman, superman, supergirl, blackcat, spiderwoman, zatanna, wonder woman, gambit, elektra, flash, powergirl, black canary, batman, white queen, wolverine, psylocke, bloodrayne, snake eyes, he-man, tmnt, tomb raider, D.O.A kasumi, ryu and cloud. thanks all!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


hey all, i've finally been confirmed for a spot at two upcoming conventions held in UK for may 2007. first one coming up is the bristol comic expo on may 12 to 13, and then mcm expo held in london on may 26 to 27. looking forward to these great events. i will write a bit more in detail closer to the date; of what to expect, what i'll be selling, sketch prices, etc. in the meantime, please navigate to the event sites by clicking on the respective convention schedule 2007 list on the right side bar of this site. or simply click on the hotlinks above.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


sorry i haven't been around lately. everyone. it's been a bit of a mix start to the year so it's been a bit chaotic. my grandma passed away at the age of 89 in january so i've been a bit out of it. she's lead a great life and i'm happy she's at peace.

working, juggling, etc. the great news is that i'm finally underway as the regular artist for spectacular spiderman UK. but then a surprise deadline came into the scene with an issue of TMNT i commited to last year. so my spidey editor was kind enough to allow me a couple of issues off to meet this commitment. so, right now, i'm currently working on a 28 page issue of tales of TMNT and once i've finished that, i'll be back on spidey UK full swing.

anyways, the tales of TMNT issue i'm working on is #39 and will be out sometime closer to the end of year.

i've also uploaded my first ever cover for whitewolf's exalted game books. i'm kinda proud of it as i've been striving to work on a cover since i started working with whitewolf almost six years ago. finally, thanks to my editor, who gave me my big break, i've achieved success. YAY! thanks brian.

anyways, while i was taking a lunch break, i roughed out a piece a wheel of time i've been wanting to work on for ages. i don't know when i'll be able to finish up the piece so i thought i'd post up the rough for u to enjoy in the meantime. i know a few of u have been waiting for this piece. so to all the WOT fans, here's ta'veren, rand, mat and perrin.

also, i'm in the process of creating my new sketchbook for 2007. all new sketches. will post more about it around mid april. so look out for it.

on a side note, look out for announcements about appearances in bristol con and london mcm expo in may. check back soon.

below are some pages from tmnt, exalted cover, spec spidey and wheel of time. will be back soon.