Friday, June 16, 2006


wowee. after working for whitewolf for almost 5 years now, i have finally been offered to do covers! YAY! i've been waiting a very long time. i've been pestering my editor, brian, for a while now and WOOO finally, he gave in. heh. so i'm really excited. like a kid in a candy store. now the pressure's on me to not let myself or whitewolf down! will keep u posted.

meanwhile, for the most recent spidey cover that was posted on the 14 june below. i've been pointed out an error in my drawing which i have to admit, i overlooked. good eye people. basically the size of spidey's kicking foot is way to big. i wanted to throw a real dynamic perspective but unfortunately at the cost of reality. so i've decided to change it. but my good fellow, jeremy, beat me to the punch and corrected it for me! what a guy! :D

anyways, here's the corrected cover with spidey minus a hobbit's foot.


Anonymous Jason Embury said...

that spidey cover kicks 7 different kinds of arse. I love the painted in clouds. congrats on the WW covers gig as well man.

2:53 am  
Anonymous andie said...

thanks jason! appreciate the kind words. yea, been waiting a long long time. i hope i don't fuck it up. heh. and hope it lasts a while. thanks again for taking time out to drop me a line. :)

12:59 am  

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