Wednesday, November 26, 2008


just a quick upload of a sketch from my PHWOAR sketchbook printed back in 2007. i plan to upload these sketches once every three or four updates until they're all up on the site. as the books are no longer available and will not be reprinted in the foreseeable future, this site will be the only place to see them. unless of course you're one of the lucky few that managed pick up a copy. :) so stay tuned for more sketches.

one of my favourites from the book, he-man and skeletor. i wish i could go back to the crossgen/mvcreation days and redo the masters of the universe-the rise of the snakemen books again. i would so tackle the characters differently to what i did originally almost five years ago now. but alas, this is the only platform i will be able to do it hence forth. sketchbooks! hope you like.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


didn't realise i hadn't uploaded some previous issues of spidey. altho these are in my sequentials section of my website, i thought i'd upload them here too for the 1st time. so these are from issues 167 of spectacular spiderman UK.

and a sketch i contributed to a fallcon charity event. it was later inked by mark stegbauer.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


just thought i'd share these covers i did for DCU a while back. hopefully it won't be the last ever covers i work on. but in saying that, i have to admit, these are probably the two worse pieces i've ever laid my hands on. completely different to how i imagined it would turn out.

i probably tried to be an artist i wasn't and tried to do something different that i had a poor understanding of. especially with the bottom cover, i did a poor man's rendition of art adams's feathering/cross hatching technique to try and emulate or dictate where the light source would be coming from. unfortunately it just wasn't my forte and should have left it to the colourist instead. hopefully DC will give me another chance to redeem myself in future.

These covers are to issues 7 and 11, respectively , of a 12 issue mini-series titled 'tangent superman's reign'. pencils and inks by me, colours by kanila tripp. Oh yea, I also did the 5 page backup stories from issues 7 to 11. so please check it out if you get the chance.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


this piece was published in udon studio's streetfighter tribute book that got released earlier this year. thanks heaps to jim for the invitation and for allowing me to be part of 20 years streetfighter history.

here's the plug straight from the udon website itself
Fine art meets martial arts!

It’s been 20 years since legendary video game developer CAPCOM® unleashed Street Fighter® upon an unsuspecting gaming public. Since then the game has become a worldwide phenomenon, with the ‘fighting game’ genre now a staple of the video game industry and dozens of memorable Street Fighter characters entering the realm of pop culture.

UDON Entertainment’s Street Fighter Tribute is a special volume of original illustrations from artists all around the globe, professionals and fans alike, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Street Fighter franchise.

Inside are over 200 brand new pieces portraying the Street Fighter cast in a dizzying array of styles and designs, from ultra-rendered realistic paintings through to abstract and iconic. This is a video game art gallery in a book, bursting with inspiration and energy.

Fans of UDON, comics, video games, concept art and anime will all find Street Fighter Tribute an exciting new vision of the World Warriors, brought to you by the studio that introduced a new generation of fans to the magic of CAPCOM.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


i like fashion. i don't get to draw a lot of it as i mainly do a lot of super-heroes when i illustrate. altho sometimes i get the opportunity when i draw background people, i tend to stick to the generic fashion styles for convenience, time constraints and deadlines. so when i'm out an about, i usually carry a sketchbook with me and sketch people and their fashion. granted, i tend to sketch the 'pretty people' in the streets but i guess they tend to catch my eye more. i don't do portraits very well so most of the folk i sketch tend to be comic representations more than a direct caricatures. below are some fashion sketches from my sketchbook that no one else tends to see. but after reading kieron gillen and jamie mckelvie's phonogram recently (yes, late to jump on the bandwagon) and later mckelvie's suburban glamour, i got inspired my jamie's art and representation of fashion on the characters he drew, so i thought i'd share these...

combining some of my quick sketches into one piece as i've done here has made one thing glaringly obvious. my faces tend to look the same except for a slightly different shift in hairstyles here or there. especially on the girls. something i guess i will strive down the line to evolve and hopefully get better.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


here's some more artwork done over the last 6 months. around christmas 2007, i did a smallville project in conjunction with an episode of smallville season 7. the cover below is for a little mini comic book that came out with the season 7 smallville dvd set for region 1 only.

one of the sketches from my PHWOAR sketchbook.

5 pages from a specspidey UK issue that came out in conjunction with the incredible hulk movie.

Monday, November 03, 2008



sorry everyone. looks like the powers that be have decided to not show the pinup after all. so i've had to pull the image off. hopefully i'll get the green light to it a bit later and will be able to show the pinup again. sorry for any inconvenienced caused.

• end update •

sorry everyone for the slackness in updates. i've been mainly on the drawing boards jumping from one deadline to another. it's good to be busy, i suppose so can't really complain. but because of that, my updates have been lacking of late. so apologies and thanks heaps for your patience. i hope to update more frequently from here on in. got lots to show as you can imagine since i haven't updated in awhile.

thought i'd share this first image which i've been finally given the green light to show. colours by the talented jeremy roberts.


also, thanks to mr. templesmith, i'm now on twitter. :)