Tuesday, August 28, 2007


hey there everyone, looking forward to this weekend's con at earl's court 1, sat 1 to sun 2 sept 2007. will have prints, original art, sketchbooks and sketches on offer. so see u then!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


the 70 page graphic novel that i've worked on with eisner award winning author mike baron, is finally out for release on 15 August 2007 in print. YAY!!

i started back in 2000 and it's taken me almost 5 years to complete. lots of sweat and tears have gone into this. snif, snif.

so please please call ur local comic store and make an order.

here are the details u will need to quote to ur local comic guy to make the order

ISBN (13-digit): 987-0-9743-8144-2


thanks in advance for ur support and for buying 10 copies of the book. :D no pressure tho. :p hehehe. attached are some pages to hopefully get ye enticed.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


whoa. as many of you would have heard by now, mike wieringo passed away at age 44 on sunday 12 august 2007. no doubt, like everyone, it came as a big huge shock when i received the news on monday night.

i met mike only once in heroes con back in 2000. along with sanford greene, bob layton, todd dezago and many others, mike was one of the artists and creators that kick started my drive to pursue a career in comics. after looking at my work he encouraged me to try even tho at that point, i lived on the other side of the world back in australia. i was a designer back then, and i would never have dreamed of doing comics due to logistic reasons. but on that day, mike and the other creators introduced me to the possibilities via the world wide web.

so seven years later, i now work full time in comics drawing two of comics beloved characters, spiderman and batman, and have also dabled with other famous icons, like he-man, tmnt, bloodrayne to name a few.

i've always collected mike's stuff without conciously knowing it. the first time, i ever took notice of knowing the name of 'ringo' was through tellos. i found his work completely awe inspiring and flawless. i thought that he was a new artist coming into the scene and blowing everyone away. then one day, as i was sifting thru old comics, i discovered i had bought issues of the flash and spiderman that mike had done and i was floored. just to note, i pick comics up base on the art first and foremost.

now i don't know mike personally and i doubt he would have remembered me as i probably would have been one of many artists he would have encouraged to get into comics that day.

but i've always said to myself that one day, after accumulating enough work in my portfolio, to see mike again at a con and personally thank him. i have already managed to thank sanford many times as after the 2000 con, we have kept in contact and caught up a couple of times.

just recently, i discovered an art forum named drawingboard.org. i posted some new spidey pages there and lo and behold, mike replied with some more encouraging words. selfishly, i'll always regret just not pm-ing him that day to say, 'thanks, u're one of the guys that started this. look what u've done. :) '

so mike, u'll always be remembered and forever missed. thanks heaps for the inspirational work and the kick start.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


just got these back from the colourist! :D spidey in paris!