Tuesday, February 24, 2009


sorry for the lack of updates everyone. since the last entry, i've been flatout leading up to the new york comic con 2009 and was basically running around like a loon trying to meet deadlines and prepare for the trip. nycc was excellent. had a brilliant time and always glad to meet new people and catch up with old friends i haven't caught up since the last con. since coming back though, as usual, been playing catch up with deadlines and again, hit the ground running. so finally, i have a wee moment, thought i'd put through a new entry. and since i haven't updated in almost a month, thought i'd put up a bunch of stuff to make up for it.

first up, exalted is getting an artbook compiled and some of my artwork from the last 7 years of working with them will be featured in it along with works from other great artists. below are three of such pieces! the art of exalted book will be out late february, early march and is 160 pages, full colour, chock full of art. so do please check it out if you get the chance.

next are four batman strikes covers i've done for johnny DC before the last issue was published in late 2008. the title ended on issue 50 to coincide with the batman cartoon ending its run also. i had great fun working on these as i got to explore a more cartoony side of my art style.

here are two sketches from my no longer available PHWOAR sketchbook, bloodrayne and gambit plus a convention sketch of emma frost i did not that far back.

continuing with sketches, back in november 2008, i posted an entry with a sketch of he-man from my PHWOAR sketchbook. thanks to waki and james, they decided to take it to the next level with some inks and colours respectively. seen here, john 'waki' wycough delivers the inks from my sketch whilst long time collaborator, james offredi delivers the colours straight from my sketch.

here's some sequentials from issue 169 of spectacular spiderman UK. this storyline was a two parter with ultron as the ultimate nemesis. the books came out at a time to coincide with the release of the ironman movie. hence the ironman cameo! inks by kris justice. colours by james offredi.

sometimes, if i have enough time in the scheduling, before i proceed to thumbnailing, final sequentialing and the likes, i like to character design the strip out. below are the characters involved in issue 184 of spectacular spider-man UK. this process also just makes it a lot easier when it comes time to final pencils cause then you don't have to create a character on the go and it's easier to reference if the same character appears in various parts of the strip.

finally here are three pages of a back up story i did a while back for the DCU title, tangent superman's reign issue 7. coming in virtually halfway of the 12 issue run, i had to, as close as possible, emulate the art styling of fernando pasarin, which was fun to do as i got to explore the art of shadowing which i normally don't get to do with my usual art style. inks by mark mckenna.

hope these are cool! until next time, hopefully sooner rather than later. cheers.