Friday, October 20, 2006


hey all, hope this is not too late an announcement. but i'll be attending the london mcm expo in excel centre next halloween weekend on the 28 and 29 of october! check out the official website for more info and directions and visit the message board forums to see what i'm offering. click here to visit my thread announcement on the forums for info on prices, offers, etc.

i'll be along side some pretty damn amazing artist from the world of DC and MARVEL at the comic village. adam hughes, brian bolland and john mccrea just to name a few. it's definitely stepped up since my may 2006 appearance earlier in the year where only two atists attended. hah!

Monday, October 16, 2006


i thought i'd give this another plug. it took just about 5 years to create. started back in 2000 and u can tell as my drawing style's changed quite significantly since. written by mike baron and art by me, with colours by mike kilgore. for the last three months, 3 pages was uploaded every week and now, finally, all 70 pages are uploaded. so please check it out and read it uninterrupted and let me know what u think of it. it's FREE! YAH!

here's the cover with colours by jeremy roberts.

and here's the first three pages to get u kind folks going. :) please visit the forums as well at big head press and drop some comments about the story. what's good, what's bad. it's all good. click here to view the comic. enjoy!

Sunday, October 15, 2006


daaaaaamn. time sure flies when you're having fun. didn't realise it's been a while since my last update. so much has happened. been away, came back, went away again, came back, work, work, work. so the good thing about not updating sooner is that now i got a ton of things to catchup on and upload for your viewing pleasure.

so here's the first. i did some cover work recently for a pal on his story 'liberty movement' and is featured in the publication of 'space doubles'. so if you see it, please pick it up. here's the finished cover for it and all it's sfx to boot.

got bored one day and inbetween jobs, i did a quick sketch of supergirl. wonder if they're gonna remake supergirl now that superman returns is out of the way. i wonder who would be an ideal cast for the role? any suggestions?

the next piece is by the talented jeremy roberts who used my horrible half assed sketches of the fantastic four and made it into a masterpiece. damn, he's good. apparently this is him stuffing around and it's not even finished yet. i can only imagine what the finish piece would be like.

while i was at recent comic convention in london, i met this dude by the name of michael finn who started a little wicked thing where he would commission a '1 minute later cover' base on an existing past cover of a comic. so i got to tell the sequential tale to the cover of x-men #35 and what would happen a minute later from the events of the cover. here' s how, in my mind, the story unfolds...basically spidey kicking all the x-men's arse naturally... was an awesome unique commission which i had an absolute ball doing. so thanks michael!

the next few pieces are from some finished pages for spectacular spiderman uk #143. received the finish colours not that long ago from the skillful james offredi.

and finally, a few recent pieces just finished for my latest spidey gig #146 where spidey tackles the sinister six.

and that's it. hope you enjoy the latest offerings! until the next update....ta. :)