Sunday, June 11, 2006


just a quick reminder that a chance to win an original signed artwork from the architect is closing in. so if u haven't submitted for the competition yet, please do so before the 12 june 2006! BWAAH!

here's a copy and paste of the competition below...


click this link to find out the details...big head press forum
or read below...

have a look at this piece below
'what the hell's going on?', u might ask. well, wanna take a stab at
guessing what happens from that leads up to page 60. if u do, u might win
the original artwork of page 60!

here's the deal, check out what's happening at the architect so far at big head press, and then have a good look at page 60. if u can guess and write a short paragraph describing the events that leads up to 60 and send the entry to, with "Page 60 Contest" as the subject line. the entry we deem closest to the story, will win the original art board for page 60, signed from me. sure, it might not be worth a lot now, but one day, u might be able to buy that dream house u were thinking of.

all entries become property of Big Head Press, and the decision of the winner by Big Head Press is final. unfortunately there can be only one winner, so sharpen ur typing tools and get cracking. all entries should be in no later then june 12. then sit back, enjoy the read and see who wins at the end of the tale.


be quick folks! :D


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