Sunday, March 26, 2006

classic x-men

well, actually decided to take a break this saturday. didn't get up to much which was nice. we went to watch a basketball match here in london which was equivalent to NBL in Australia and NBA in America. and my was it low key. game was good tho but the venue was held in a leisure centre. apparently bball is not their thing. soccer or football as they call it here is huge in the uk, but not bball. anyways had a great time, i went for the team that was wearing blue since i happend to be wearing blue too on this occassion.

yesterday, just to keep in touch with my drawing skills, i did a pinup of classic x-men. :)

tomorrow i hope to get back into the swing of sequentials. have to still get #136 out for spectacular spiderman. i think we're planning to go to new york in april. so i def have to try tie up my work before then. i might see if i can try and swing by the marvel and DC offices whilst being there.

Friday, March 24, 2006

wonder woman

hey all, i'm now onto my next issue of spectacular spiderman UK. number 136.

the previous issue of spiderman UK that i did has been received rather well. i send a couple of the finished pages to DC and MARVEL, and got some really positive feedback. here's hoping it progresses somewhere. i've been asked by the art director of DC to send tangible samples so they can keep on file as they liked my work. WOO. that's def positive in the right direction. got a response from an editor at MARVEL too, asked to do some quick samples. so it's been a real high yesterday. anyways, only time will tell how it opens up. is this my time? is it not? :)

here's a piece of wonder woman i did early one saturday morning at new york comic con for DC. i realised when i was showing my folio around, i had NOTHING in terms of DC characters to show. cause i've been working with mainly marvel uk, everything in my folio was marvel based. i did a bunch of DC characters a long long while back and looking back at it now, it wasn't my best work, so i could not show those off, that's for sure. anyways, wonder woman *play theme song here*

Thursday, March 23, 2006

finally, deadline met

YAY! all done! WOO. now on to the next issue! :D
anyways, stayed up again late for that one. i think i get to finally sleep early tonight. i've got to take our poor doggie for a nice long walk since she missed out 3 days in a row due to me glued to my drawing desk. my partner can't usually take her out on the weekdays as by the time she gets back from work, it's dark here in ol' london.

hopefully things start to finally creep back to normal. still, i got issue 136 pending but it won't be as hard as the last issue. more close up talking panels, less big all out battles with 19 sentinels and 10 x-men to deal with.

here's a couple of pieces i had to do for patchwork on some panels. i thought they stand out as individual pieces too. i might try and sell these and make millions and billions and trillions of dollars. BWAHAHAHAHHAR!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

spidey reading letters finished

here's the update inks as promised. :)

still going

still going on the deadlines. i've done all the foreground pieces, just working on backgrounds to complete each page and gosh, it's taking a while. hffft.

in the meantime, my editor at marvel uk, asked for a pinup of spidey reading letters. so did a quick sketch, just got approval, so this piece will be heading to finish then inks pretty soon. will update with the finish as soon as i can.

i'm starting to like this blog. fast uploads, thoughts, pics, etc. hope to make it as regular as i can. :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

ugh! deadlines!

well, it's 1.37am. still up trying to meet my spidey deadline. i've been up the last 10 days till 3am trying to meet this deadline. it's been one hell of a project as i've had to deal with drawing cameos from 10 x-men and 19 sentinels plus juggernaut and magneto. one hell of a project, u say! anyways, the deadline was suppose to be monday, today. so i've missed that. hoping to deliver all the pages by tomorrow.

i've never been late before so this is the first. here's a piece just finished today. i'm liking wolverine in this page. roar energy. classic wolverine. my style in faces are changing too. less big eyes/manga. here's hoping everyone else will like it too.

ps. my partner has discover a visible throbbing vein on my head. it was non existent during the day, but seems to appear during the night. started last night, happened again tonight. must be from all the stress. haha. so i'm heading to bed after this and i'll deal with the consequences tomorrow.

Monday, March 20, 2006

ok, now this is getting frustrating

so...i'm using firefox. still having problems uploading images. i've looked under blog help. a lot of people seem to be having the same problem with no immediate resolution. the team at blogger are not responding to any help request. so we'll see how soon this problem gets resolved. at least i know i'm not the only one having the same pictures posting problems.

but i'll try again and see how spidey pic take 4 goes.

if this is any indication, my whole blog could be all about how i'm not able to get pictures uploaded. haha.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

spidey test take 3

ok, another attempt to upload images. i've been using opera as my browser and after some extensive search on the help page, found out that the browser could be the problem. so let's see. using firefox at the moment just to see if it makes a difference. :)
spidey pic take 3 begins....

Saturday, March 18, 2006

spidey test 2

ok, obviously the previous post did not work. so here i go again. with pictures this time!! (hopefully)...

Friday, March 17, 2006


so here's the first post with pictures! YAY! anyways, some of my friends have noticed a change in style to my previous work. i'm liking the new style. but i haven't had much feedback from editors, friends, professionals and the likes. what do u think? i'll post some of my old stuff for comparisons sake in the next blog.

first blogger

well, all very new to this. i wanted some feedback from some artwork, and a friend suggested creating a blog. so here i am. :)

i'm hoping to be a bit more active then i have with my website. hopefully this will make things easier to upload artwork that i'd like feedback on then to update a whole site just to show one piece of new thing. so i'm giving this a 3 month test. see the response/ feedback/ sharing of thoughts and knowledge. will soon see. :)

will be back soon with stuff. heh.