Friday, June 23, 2006


hey everyone, it's official. i will be attending the july 1 and 2 2006 london film and comicon at earl's court in london. come by and say hi. for details, please head to their official website LONDON FILM AND COMICON

they've also got an official guest thread for me on their forums. come by and let me know if u're going...


Anonymous Bunni said...

Hey Andie
Was great seeing you again ( I was the union Jack Lara)
I was such a shame I was running out of money by the time I got to your stall
I hope to see you in Oct! I should wear my bloodrayne dress as you didnt get to go to the party in May then I can get a sketch of it
The pictures i did buy from you are lovely and you have really inspired ,me to start my drawing again. Since starting working in London as part pf my uni placement I seem to spend most of my time travelling to and from on cramped smelly trains oh well. When I finally get back to uni I can get some time to work more on my drawing s

Lovely seeing you again

11:51 pm  
Anonymous andie said...

hey there miss adventurer tomb raider u.

it was good to see u again. i was trying to get a snap of u the last time with the classic gear on but i couldn't get time out of the table. so i'm glad u turned up again this time. i'll be looking forward to that bloodrayne gear. do u have the the blades and everything? i reckon u'd make a wicked rayne.

awesome. i'm glad u're gonna start drawing again, if it's what u love doing, u should never give that up. and there's no harm taking breaks, as i once took a 2 year break and just basically partied hard, but i came back drawing stronger then ever. ahh, but the smelly trains is also where u can find the most interesting characters to draw (if u get a seat that is, and it's not too wobbly a ride).

2:45 am  
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