Thursday, June 01, 2006

back from the expo

damn! that was my best convention yet. altho cynthia and myself were tucked into a hidden area of the hall (being last minute artist alley and all) being smothered by the huuuge atari van in front of us, we both got quite a great response. the crowd def wants more of an artist alley presence around. so hopefully in october, there will be more of us to boot. i'm def gonna try and attend the october one. my sketchbook took off pretty well too. considering they can get a sketch for an extra £1, it was a bargain. but some sketchbooks went on their own. it was a pretty solid weekend.

for those that missed out on getting my sketchbook, do not fret. i'll be attending the london film and comic con on july 1 and 2. so please come along. and also i'm definitely considering attenting the mcm expo again in october. but if u can't make to any of those, my sketchbook and sketch is also available to order my emailing me at, or visit the entry below entitled free sketchbook, or visit my devianart and website for more info.

i forgot to mention to some customers to scan the sketches back to me, so if u're reading this, please, please when u get the chance, i wouldn't mind a digital copy of the sketch just for the records. i've started getting some sketches back which i will share.

here's kurt wagner aka nightcrawler.


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