Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Okok. Here it is!! Announcement! Joe Abercrombie's The First Law - The Blade Itself is being adapted into a comic! Chuck Dixon on writing duties, Pete Pantazis on Colours and Bill Tortolini on letters and design with Rich Young and Joe Abercrombie on edits. Little ol' me on art duties.
It's free to view on The first 12 pages are live with a new page every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you can't wait though, please head on over to ComiXology to buy the whole issue for 99 cents for 30 days, then it'll be $1.99 and subsequent issues at $2.99.
Plans to have them collected as hardcover GN every 4 issues are on the horizon.
Spread the word please! It's a great book, let's give it a fighting chance!

Here's a preview of the first page in colour. Go check out for more goodies!