Wednesday, December 20, 2006


as tradition would have it, deemonproductions brings back miss santa for 2006 to wish u all out there a most merry christmas and an awesome wicked fun new years! see u in 2007!


birmingham was great. unique little venue but packed nonetheless. i was busy drawing both days non stop. thanks again to all those that stopped by to say hello, picked up commissions and sketch books. thanks to the usual suspects, michael, paul, winston, kevin, u know who u all are. great to finally meet so many faces that i've only talked to, know of or meet via email. james, jim, john, garry, rufus, yishan. great to catch up again even though it was rather brief, michael(and all the way from NY too), staz, andrew, lorenzo, daley, david, harry, rich, dan, tony and all u talented folks out there. thanks to the organisers for offering a fantastic spot to meet the folks out there. i'll be putting up sketches soon, most likely after new years, as i'm back running, catching up on deadlines, etc. i missed out on snapping some sketches, so if u got some spare time, please send me a scan of the sketches that i forgot to snap. for all those lucky ones that got a sketch on sunday, i hope u liked the extra time i took to finish those pieces off since i needed to concentrate twice as hard being a bit plastered the night before, but i think my best work came out of it. hehe.

on another note, got some colours back from james offredi for spec spidey uk 147. looking wicked as usual! :D cover colours by the talented jeremy roberts! :)

Friday, December 08, 2006


a commission piece finished a little bit back. i did some snapshots of each step i took to get from roughs to finish. so hopefully i'll get the chance to put up a little tutorial here on how i work from humble scratchings to coloured finish. in the meantime, here is the lineart and finish colours. and watch this space! :D


a cover i did waaaay way back to a four issue mini-series is out now by joe martino. it's advertised on page 32 of december previews mag and an order form DEC06 3300 SHADOWFLAME #1 (of 4). here's the preview to the cover.


i was commissioned to do a couple of 80s characters from tv cartoon teenage mutant ninja turtles, shredder and krang which i threw up here a little while back, but then had to take it back down at the client's request. basically it's a website promoting a magazine on everything 80s cartoon with a lot of talented and great artist throwing in their version of toons from the real ghostbusters, he-man, she-ra to blackstarr, thundercats and gobots. so please click the image below to check out previews of the art and to find out more on the mag.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


just found out from the organiser that i'll have a table for 4 hours each day. so if u want a sketch from me make sure u head to my table between 10.30am till 2.30pm for both saturday and sunday. and because of the limited hours, i won't be making a list for saturday but will be sketching as u wait. everything else in the previous entry still stands!

also, a floorplan for the show is finally up and available to view. click the link below to view where i'll be. i'll be at the artist's alley, in one of the red tables of A, B, or C. BIRMINGHAM COMICS SHOW 2006 FLOORPLAN

see ya there! :D