Saturday, September 12, 2009


well, more like sketches of the day. and, oh, this wasn't done today. this was done yesterday. the pieces i mentioned yesterday that i couldn't show until i got the a-ok from creator barry nugent. it's a-ok-ed. so here it is. mate barry's got his new book out. asked if i wanted to kick start the possible 'uhhumm' side of things with some character designs and i jumped. love designing. don't get the chance to do them that often so when an opportunity like this comes along, i jump, skip, somersault. so flat out today and i probably won't, yea, i know, be able to get any quick sketches done for SOTD. but hey, i did three yesterday. i'm sure i'm good for a few days. check out barry's website, for more info on the book. below is the composite from the individual character designs i did.

the individual character designs i did. :) penciled traditionally, coloured digitally with cintiq using photoshop and painter. there's, uh let's see, ben, steph and jason. wanna know the full names and what they did to look so mysterious and alluring, buy the book!


this wasn't the sketch of the day. i did some, three in fact, but unfortunately again, can't show until some other peeps see it first. soooo... here's one i baked earlier. madame mirage. received a few freebies from top cow when i was at SDCC. madame mirage graphic novel was one of them. haven't had the chance to read it yet, but the character looks interesting. i like these kind of old school attire from the heydays. so i sketched it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


ok ok after further deliberation and talking to a mate, as much as bullet head is more practical and works, wok head still had some appeal. that was my original plan to begin with. wok head juggernaut. in the end, compromised. inbetween. think this works... i'm settled. time to move on.


yes! finally happier with juggernaut. bullet shaped wins over wok shaped. i wanted him chunkier too. so done that. compared to the previous juggernaut attempt a couple of entries ago, i think this one definitely works better. this way he gets to turn his head too. more practical.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


here's one for today. a quickie. spidey falling. dropping. whatever. basically gonna surprise ur ass if u are the one standing below. did a few more over the days, but can't show as yet. in the next few days hopefully. other people need to see first. be back.

Monday, September 07, 2009


no updates for the last twelve days. way to go, andie on the 'a sketch a day' policy. anyways, yes, it didn't last long. but i still have been drawing up a storm. just haven't been close to a scanner or had the chance to scan. most of the time, been sketching away from the studio, either while i'm away-away, at lunch, mid errand run, etc. so here's some stuff i've done over the twelve day hiatus. there's a bunch of other stuff i've sketched but not really worth posting and to be honest, not really that exciting. here's a few of the x-men characters since they're coming up in the next issue i'm doing and a cool cat named cougar from the losers comic. been reading that. so behind on my reading. redeeming.