Monday, September 10, 2007


hey everyone, just confirmed my next appearance. i'll be at the 'birmingham international comics show 2007' on october 13 and 14 2007. click the logo above to find out the details. i'll be drawing at the 'draw the world together' charity organisation table for both days sharing responsibilities with 4 other great creators. so come by, it's for a good cause. click on the logo below for what the charity is about. see u then.

Monday, September 03, 2007


thanks eveyone for coming to the show and getting a sketch from me. thanks heaps for setting me new challenges every show. u'll be glad to know that i don't like to draw the same poses twice on a character. so as much as i can, ur sketch is a unique one! YAY!

i normally get a photo of the sketch just for my folio but my camera wasn't working properly the whole weekend. so if u're reading this and if i managed to get a sketch done for u, i would be grateful if u could please possibly scan and send it to my email. a thousand thanks!! :D

apologies for all those that i missed out! i know i did as i saw some waiting, and then vanished a minute later. hopefully i'll catch u at the next show and remember, get in early.

thanks heaps for all those that were very patient with me and waited and waited, went away, came back, waited and waited. truly appreciate it. i hope u guys got the sketches u wanted.

thanks heaps to stuart and this partners in crime for organising another fantastic event!