Saturday, May 27, 2006

london MCM expo

just a quick reminder that i will be attending the london MCM expo on both days this long weekend. i'll be sharing the artist alley with cynthia cummens, star wars artist extraodinare. i've got sketchbooks, original art pieces and be available for sketches. anything u want. i'll also be handing out free spiderman uk comics. come look out for a big spiderman poster on the wall behind me. come say hi if nothing else.

here's a tomb raider and black canary piece from my sketch book to entice u. :D see u then! yay!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


another bloodrayne cover. colours by val staples from mv creations. i was asked by ed, the current head honcho of bloodrayne comics, to come up with something that doesn't depict her fighting any specific antagonist. ed wanted something sexy. and so being me, i completely ignored ed's request and opted for lots of blood instead, an angry face and a panty shot. ed seemed to like it, thank goodness. heh. hopefully one day i'll get to do some sequentials for bloodrayne. but at the moment 1 pinup and 2 covers at last count. i've been trying to twist ed's arm. so we'll see soon enough. :) even a short backup story. i just wanna draw bloodrayne in action.

Friday, May 19, 2006

free sketchbook

hey folks, as i don't make it to many conventions, here's a chance to get me to sketch for u and to get ur hands on my sketchbook free. click on the image below to find out how! BWAAH!! :D

back from bristol

hey all, bristol was excellent! did some signing, sketching and the unveiling of my sketchbook went off without a hitch. thanks everyone for coming by to say hi and picking up my sketchbook. i'm hoping to gather in all the sketchs i did for the convention and post em up here. i've already got a few in, just waiting on the rest before i do. :)

i'll also be attending the london MCM expo at the excel centre on the weekend of the 27 may. i'll be at the artist alley doing what i do best, sketching and hopefully will get a chance to off load somemore sketchbooks. come by and say hi if u're there. we'll be at the artist alley. apparently this will be the first ever artist alley. please do come by and support us pioneers venturing into this new territory at london expo. :)

well, here's a couple of pieces i did for whitewolf on their 2nd edition gaming book in the meantime.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

bristol convention appearance

hey all. just a quick post to say i'll be at the bristol comic expo this weekend. i'll be signing and sketching over the weekend. def on sunday at 1pm with the panini group. on saturday is still yet unconfirmed, but if i do have a sitting it will be at 2pm. come by and say hi. i'll also be unveiling my new sketchbook for sale at a special bristol price of £5 which will included a sketch. thanks all. see u there. :)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

spectacular spiderman UK 134 out now

hey everyone, just a quick announcement that my latest work is out in UK news agencies and stores now. this release is part one of three involving the x-men. a bit of cross promotion since the x-men movie is coming out this month as well. next issue in 3 weeks. see u then.

spidey vs magneto update part deux

here's the finished coloured version by james offredi! POW!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


check this page out. look at it closely!! now, for the chance to win this original signed piece, come over to the architect forums to find out the details. CLICK THIS LINK!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


bought my other two marker tones yesterday. tried it out on poor supergirl. still can improve, definitely. but not by far my worse work, i think. i was contemplating on buying the refill inks as well since i was there, and i hate heading out into town just to get supplies as it is rather expensive here in ol' london, but i thought i would have been jumping the gun if i did. what if i didn't like the two tones? what if i didn't end up using it at all? so my scroogeness came out and my tight ass decided to just go with the markers for now.

def need more practice but yes, i've decided to def use it on my latest whitewolf project.

Monday, May 08, 2006


a quickie sketch piece of imboden and ed dukeshire's creation, the fist of justice. under the imprint of digital webbing. one of my first pieces to use markers again in a very long time. i'm gonna go get two different tones today as i will use it for my latest whitewolf project. :) enjoy.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


hey everyone, may is UK convention time for me.

so if u're at bristol on the 13 and 14 may, i'll be signing and sketching at the comic expo there, i think for about an hour. funnily enough, the organisers haven't told me when or for how long, they've just announced on their website that i am. so when i know more, i'll update here. i'll also have my sketchbook available to purchase. i'll have some original artwork for sale too.

on the 27 and 28 may, i'll be at the london MCM expo at ExCel centre. i'll have a table the whole 2 days at the artists alley. i'll also have my sketchbook up for sale and original artwork too.

sketchbook is £6 each which will include a sketch. orginal artwork prices will vary.

so come by, if nothing else just to have a look-see and say hi. see u then. :D

here are three more pieces from the sketchbook.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

spidey vs magneto update

whoops. a bit late, but here is the finished piece as promised. :D the fantastic transformation behold. i got lazy and put speedlines instead of a proper background. but then again, makes the piece come alive, don't u think? nope, just plain lazy. :)

mary jane watson

looks like its gonna be a busy month. deadlines to meet and also organising for appearances at conventions in uk. more on this closer to the date. i've started a whole bunch of sketches for my first ever sketch book. it'll be on sell at the conventions and via online. here's one of many sketches to be posted up in the next few days... kinda like an incentive for u all out there to buy when u see it. help a poor struggling artist out, eh? :D

Monday, May 01, 2006

architect goes live!

check it out guys! the architect, is online. read the first 8 pages at bigheadpress. here's a couple below to start u off with. 6 years of different art styles. u'll see the progression if u tune in every week. :D come visit the forums too.


just received this piece back from colourist james offredi. brilliant! he's doing an outstanding job on my art. love the whole animated feel.

this piece took me a while. i hate doing backgrounds, but at the end of it, can't help but feel satisfied it's achieved. i'm sure however, if u take a close look, there would probably be heaps of errors.

this piece is for issue #136 of spectacular spiderman uk. check it out when it hits uk stores. :D