Saturday, August 22, 2009


a homage to all the jazz people out there. looking forward to tonight. heading to ronnie scotts for some jazz thanks to mate WM for organising. shout out today to itunes support. got me a redownload of some music i lost during the crash and burn of yabastich. under extenuating circumstances of course so i doubt it will happen again. their policy of 'if u don't back up you loose' still stands i'm sure. however, as i had only just bought the 3 albums when my computer crashed and i managed to back up 2 of the 3 albums bought, showed my non-ill intention to deceit. anyways, very personable response on this particular case, dealing with a person instead of an automated response. nice touch itunes! so as of now, all music backed up!


you knew this fella was coming. of course u have to have a logan in sketch. there will probably be many more of this dude. probably one of the best character to sketch. this is for yesterday. wasn't able to get to a scanner. did this at lunch whilst buying my new comp. yep. after teasing me with the possiblity of yabastich working in full, it crashed, burned and died. worked well for oh 5 hours or so. then just slowed down. and the last time i tried to reboot, it just never quite got there. i've laid loyal yabastich for 5 years to rest. so now, yabastich numero dos is born. working a treat. have moved on. i don't mourn for long. :)

Friday, August 21, 2009


today's official entry. powahgurl. spelt power girl. not so much a power stance. not enough energy. entry title relates more to the name than the pose or action. wanted to play a bit more with shadows. today will be back to normal of getting the rest of the sequentials out of the way. working on spidey UK. one day hopefully i'll be able to do some sequentials for a story that will incorporate the kind of shadowing i've been playing at lately.


didn't have the scanner available to me yesterday. a tad late. picture of what i was doing yesterday. computer revived but still scarilly slow. played itunes today and one song stopped and started about 10 times. hmmm. plus side, computer has been stripped to its bare minimum. no bullshit apps. i think the comp is on its last legs. might have to start saving up for a new one. hopefully further down the line than sooner. still wouldn't mind working on art pieces for once without a lag and wait time. it'll be nice to have a good flow again. i remember once upon a time, this computer was like so. software improves, starts to slow down what use to be a seamless streaming computer a while back. exciting times. oh. and i forgot to back up my fonts. frak.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


heh. so much for sketch of the day. lasted 4 days. doh! monday was stupid with deadlines. well, today is no different, but took 5 minutes out. real quick sketches. two today to make up for yesterday.

like fedora hats. sometimes i wish i was back in the 40s. started wearing one and a mate commented that all i needed now was a tommy gun. i wish!

haven't drawn star wars in ages. u'd think i'd drawn a jedi. but i think there's been waaay too much jedi recently. good ol' biker scout.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Sunday, August 16, 2009


on my way to town, on the tube, girl caught my eye with a pretty hip dress sense. hence drawn. she exited at camden.

Friday, August 14, 2009


thanks heaps for all the suggestions, but lion-O won out. haven't drawn this fella in ages. the last time was when i was still watching the series back in the 80s and trying to imitate the style of the cartoon. so here's my take on it now.

elaborated on lion-O's attire. i like stitching. heh. too much?

Thursday, August 13, 2009


ok. i've had so many stop start attempts at doing sketch of the day. so many great artist do it. one that definitely springs to mind was the late mike wieringo. he was inspirational and admired him for literally having a sketch a day for the fans and most likely for himself. and it's such a great way of getting the juices flowing to begin a new day. so today i begin again. a sketch a day. this will also be great for when i'm putting my sketchbook together. i've set my calendar to remind me every morning at 8am for a year to set aside 5 maybe 10 minutes to do a quick sketch at the least. too many things stop me. never again.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


workshop details. wanna see me embarrass myself, tell bad fart jokes or breakdance to "the rhythm of the night"? then please come!