Saturday, June 03, 2006

x-men: the last stand...or is it?

so, saw the x-men movie. saw it on opening day on the 26 may. with the expo the next day, deadlines, etc, i just didn't get the chance to write up what i thought about the movie. i loved it. enjoyed it. wished it was longer, but still what they gave us was a thrilling non stop roller coaster ride that, well, did eventually stop at under 2 hours. with all that they had to get thru, i truly wished they took their time and made it longer. so i'm in the minority. ah well....heh.

spoilers ahead, so quit reading if u haven't seen the movie.

so, everyone's griped about the movie. no character build up, etc. hated hugh jackman as wolverine. in the comics, wolverine's suppose to be 5ft5 tall, cyclops doesn't die, and so on and so forth. let's face it, this is not the comics. this is hollywood. we all know by now hollywood takes liberties on adapting comics to movies. so if they killed off cyclops for good, cool. :)

i def did not expect the joker to die in the first tim burton's batman film. c'mon, he's batman's ultimate arch nemesis. and they straight out killed him off. i was young then, and i was thinking it was related to the comics so for months i was waiting for the joker in the comics to die off so the comic and movie can all live in happy unison. wroooong! i mean, they could have played it safe and put him in arkam asylum like in the comics....but nooooo, just killing him off was a better closure so hollywood thought. now they can't possibly bring him back, so let's close that chapter and do 'batman begins' (which was the best move for that franchise).

now i rate a movie on how good it is, if it takes me on an emotional ride. if i have tears or am close to tears, then the movie has moved me. so with that being said, when prof x bites it and logan comes back into the room only to find his wheelchair and he lets out a yelp and cry, that did it for me. :) storm ruined it of course, she just looked like she didn't wanna miss out on being in the scene so to get into the face of the camera, she hugs logans. lol. a bit harsh, yes. but i think the role of storm should have been passed on to someone else. sorry, halle berry just cannot play storm or a superhero for that matter. her agent should just not offer her anymore comic adaptations. but that's just my humble opinion. i'm sure a lot of folks out there disagree.

anyways, it was a good movie, cause there were deaths, triumphs, victories and sadness. i wished there were more deaths in the movie, especially to the good guys. good guys are overated. YAH!

x-men 1, 2 and finally 3 feels like one big giant ass movie. singer developed the characters and ratner finished if off with an action packed finale. so essentially, if u watch all 3 movies back to back, then presto, u got all the character developement u need and hot ass action to boot. BWAAH! but is the franchise over? maybe not...

maybe yes...


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