Friday, May 16, 2008


wow. so after joining spectacular spiderman UK two and a half years ago and then jumping on as the regular artist soon after, believe it or not, spectacular spiderman UK won an eagle award for favourite british comic 2007! for the first time ever. YAY!!! we have an awesome creative team, so congrats to everyone involved.

still waiting for that call to say that there's been a mistake and for a recall of the award! eek! heh. meantime, we'll enjoy it!

regular team spidey from left to right: ferg the writer, andie the penciller, ed the editor. missing were kris the inker and james the colourist!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


hi everyone, i'm in the process of putting together my new sketchbook and i aim to fill 70 or so pages of it by the end of may. so if anyone is reading this and i've done a sketch for u in the past, could u please email me a 200dpi scan version of the sketch i did for u. it would be greatly appreciated. thanks heaps.