Tuesday, March 21, 2006

ugh! deadlines!

well, it's 1.37am. still up trying to meet my spidey deadline. i've been up the last 10 days till 3am trying to meet this deadline. it's been one hell of a project as i've had to deal with drawing cameos from 10 x-men and 19 sentinels plus juggernaut and magneto. one hell of a project, u say! anyways, the deadline was suppose to be monday, today. so i've missed that. hoping to deliver all the pages by tomorrow.

i've never been late before so this is the first. here's a piece just finished today. i'm liking wolverine in this page. roar energy. classic wolverine. my style in faces are changing too. less big eyes/manga. here's hoping everyone else will like it too.

ps. my partner has discover a visible throbbing vein on my head. it was non existent during the day, but seems to appear during the night. started last night, happened again tonight. must be from all the stress. haha. so i'm heading to bed after this and i'll deal with the consequences tomorrow.


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