Friday, March 24, 2006

wonder woman

hey all, i'm now onto my next issue of spectacular spiderman UK. number 136.

the previous issue of spiderman UK that i did has been received rather well. i send a couple of the finished pages to DC and MARVEL, and got some really positive feedback. here's hoping it progresses somewhere. i've been asked by the art director of DC to send tangible samples so they can keep on file as they liked my work. WOO. that's def positive in the right direction. got a response from an editor at MARVEL too, asked to do some quick samples. so it's been a real high yesterday. anyways, only time will tell how it opens up. is this my time? is it not? :)

here's a piece of wonder woman i did early one saturday morning at new york comic con for DC. i realised when i was showing my folio around, i had NOTHING in terms of DC characters to show. cause i've been working with mainly marvel uk, everything in my folio was marvel based. i did a bunch of DC characters a long long while back and looking back at it now, it wasn't my best work, so i could not show those off, that's for sure. anyways, wonder woman *play theme song here*


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