Thursday, March 23, 2006

finally, deadline met

YAY! all done! WOO. now on to the next issue! :D
anyways, stayed up again late for that one. i think i get to finally sleep early tonight. i've got to take our poor doggie for a nice long walk since she missed out 3 days in a row due to me glued to my drawing desk. my partner can't usually take her out on the weekdays as by the time she gets back from work, it's dark here in ol' london.

hopefully things start to finally creep back to normal. still, i got issue 136 pending but it won't be as hard as the last issue. more close up talking panels, less big all out battles with 19 sentinels and 10 x-men to deal with.

here's a couple of pieces i had to do for patchwork on some panels. i thought they stand out as individual pieces too. i might try and sell these and make millions and billions and trillions of dollars. BWAHAHAHAHHAR!


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