Saturday, May 27, 2006

london MCM expo

just a quick reminder that i will be attending the london MCM expo on both days this long weekend. i'll be sharing the artist alley with cynthia cummens, star wars artist extraodinare. i've got sketchbooks, original art pieces and be available for sketches. anything u want. i'll also be handing out free spiderman uk comics. come look out for a big spiderman poster on the wall behind me. come say hi if nothing else.

here's a tomb raider and black canary piece from my sketch book to entice u. :D see u then! yay!


Blogger Curls said...

Hello andie, this is roland if you remember me at the london expo, by looking at your art work it is clear to say that you are amazingly talented at drawings/sketchs and will hope to see you next year or when ever the next Expo is :)thank you for the excellent sketch book plus the commic/manga and the secret drawing of spider-man, I will hope to see more of your works later, ty.

5:40 am  
Anonymous andie said...

hey roland, it was nice to meet u. i hope i helped u in the right direction some what. i hope u had a good time at the show and keep pluggin. practice makes perfect, and i practice everyday so i think i'll make perfect one day. :)
all the best.

2:16 am  

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