Friday, May 19, 2006

back from bristol

hey all, bristol was excellent! did some signing, sketching and the unveiling of my sketchbook went off without a hitch. thanks everyone for coming by to say hi and picking up my sketchbook. i'm hoping to gather in all the sketchs i did for the convention and post em up here. i've already got a few in, just waiting on the rest before i do. :)

i'll also be attending the london MCM expo at the excel centre on the weekend of the 27 may. i'll be at the artist alley doing what i do best, sketching and hopefully will get a chance to off load somemore sketchbooks. come by and say hi if u're there. we'll be at the artist alley. apparently this will be the first ever artist alley. please do come by and support us pioneers venturing into this new territory at london expo. :)

well, here's a couple of pieces i did for whitewolf on their 2nd edition gaming book in the meantime.


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