Sunday, November 09, 2008


i like fashion. i don't get to draw a lot of it as i mainly do a lot of super-heroes when i illustrate. altho sometimes i get the opportunity when i draw background people, i tend to stick to the generic fashion styles for convenience, time constraints and deadlines. so when i'm out an about, i usually carry a sketchbook with me and sketch people and their fashion. granted, i tend to sketch the 'pretty people' in the streets but i guess they tend to catch my eye more. i don't do portraits very well so most of the folk i sketch tend to be comic representations more than a direct caricatures. below are some fashion sketches from my sketchbook that no one else tends to see. but after reading kieron gillen and jamie mckelvie's phonogram recently (yes, late to jump on the bandwagon) and later mckelvie's suburban glamour, i got inspired my jamie's art and representation of fashion on the characters he drew, so i thought i'd share these...

combining some of my quick sketches into one piece as i've done here has made one thing glaringly obvious. my faces tend to look the same except for a slightly different shift in hairstyles here or there. especially on the girls. something i guess i will strive down the line to evolve and hopefully get better.


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