Monday, September 03, 2007


thanks eveyone for coming to the show and getting a sketch from me. thanks heaps for setting me new challenges every show. u'll be glad to know that i don't like to draw the same poses twice on a character. so as much as i can, ur sketch is a unique one! YAY!

i normally get a photo of the sketch just for my folio but my camera wasn't working properly the whole weekend. so if u're reading this and if i managed to get a sketch done for u, i would be grateful if u could please possibly scan and send it to my email. a thousand thanks!! :D

apologies for all those that i missed out! i know i did as i saw some waiting, and then vanished a minute later. hopefully i'll catch u at the next show and remember, get in early.

thanks heaps for all those that were very patient with me and waited and waited, went away, came back, waited and waited. truly appreciate it. i hope u guys got the sketches u wanted.

thanks heaps to stuart and this partners in crime for organising another fantastic event!


Anonymous Andy + Ana said...

Hey Andie.

My girlfriend and I bought the Spiderman Print and the Batman one at the end of today (Sunday) and would like to thank you for signing them and for just generally impressing us with your portfolios of sketches. All great work.

Almost sounds like you were writing about us going away, coming back etc! We didn't want to keep you, and you were busy all day... we hope you're rubbing Tiger Balm into your wrist right now!!

We will keep checking the blog and the prints shall be looked after. Really wish we could afford one of the pieces from the portfolio cases, they were amazing.

Andy and Ana

5:55 am  
Anonymous andie said...

hey andy and ana,

my pleasure. no probs. thanks heaps for the compliments. hopefully next time i'll get the chance to sketch for u. :)

heh, i was talking generally. u came back tho and i got to speak with u guys even if for a bit. i was talkin about some folks that came before lunch and i had to turn them away cause i needed some lunch unfortunately and asked them if they would come back after lunch. they came back, waited for a while, the line was built up again by then and so they left. there was a few. so that's who i was generally talking about. :)

thanks again for stopping by to chat even if it was brief.

hope to see u next time.


10:00 pm  
Anonymous Jamie said...

hey andie,

It's Jamie (Yik's friend) - you did a sketch of one of my friends Role-playing characters first thing on the sunday morning. Well, I'm just writing to let you know that I finally got around to giving it to her for her 21st birthday and she absolutely loved it. You captured the essence of her character despite knowing so little about her.

Thanks a whole lot for the sketch and I'll email you the scan (as requested) so you can remember which one I am talking about. Hope to see you again soon and to acquire a sketch for myself to keep!

5:43 am  
Blogger andie said...

sweet! sorry for the late reply. i missed this one completely. anyways, i'm really glad she liked it! :D see u at the next con, hopefully! :D

9:02 am  

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