Tuesday, August 28, 2007


hey there everyone, looking forward to this weekend's con at earl's court 1, sat 1 to sun 2 sept 2007. will have prints, original art, sketchbooks and sketches on offer. so see u then!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome sketches today man - i think that may have been the highlight of today; so thanks :)
I'm gunna have to go and by the Architect now arn't I... :D

9:40 am  
Anonymous andie said...

thanks so much... uh...anonymous!! what did i draw for u? might jog my memory. thanks heaps for the compliments. remember tho, i started the architect back in 2000, so my style back then was quite different. just go check it out first at big head press before u buy. http://www.bigheadpress.com cheers

3:17 am  
Anonymous andie said...

thanks eveyone for coming to the show and getting a sketch from me. i normally get a photo of the sketch just for my folio but my camera wasn't working properly the whole weekend. so if u're reading this and if i got a sketch done for u, i would be grateful if u could please possibly scan and send it to my email. a thousand thanks!! :D

3:20 am  

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