Wednesday, December 20, 2006


birmingham was great. unique little venue but packed nonetheless. i was busy drawing both days non stop. thanks again to all those that stopped by to say hello, picked up commissions and sketch books. thanks to the usual suspects, michael, paul, winston, kevin, u know who u all are. great to finally meet so many faces that i've only talked to, know of or meet via email. james, jim, john, garry, rufus, yishan. great to catch up again even though it was rather brief, michael(and all the way from NY too), staz, andrew, lorenzo, daley, david, harry, rich, dan, tony and all u talented folks out there. thanks to the organisers for offering a fantastic spot to meet the folks out there. i'll be putting up sketches soon, most likely after new years, as i'm back running, catching up on deadlines, etc. i missed out on snapping some sketches, so if u got some spare time, please send me a scan of the sketches that i forgot to snap. for all those lucky ones that got a sketch on sunday, i hope u liked the extra time i took to finish those pieces off since i needed to concentrate twice as hard being a bit plastered the night before, but i think my best work came out of it. hehe.

on another note, got some colours back from james offredi for spec spidey uk 147. looking wicked as usual! :D cover colours by the talented jeremy roberts! :)


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