Monday, October 16, 2006


i thought i'd give this another plug. it took just about 5 years to create. started back in 2000 and u can tell as my drawing style's changed quite significantly since. written by mike baron and art by me, with colours by mike kilgore. for the last three months, 3 pages was uploaded every week and now, finally, all 70 pages are uploaded. so please check it out and read it uninterrupted and let me know what u think of it. it's FREE! YAH!

here's the cover with colours by jeremy roberts.

and here's the first three pages to get u kind folks going. :) please visit the forums as well at big head press and drop some comments about the story. what's good, what's bad. it's all good. click here to view the comic. enjoy!


Anonymous Frank Bieser said...

Thanks for the continuing promotion you've given our little story Andie. The Architect is a story I'm proud to have published. Best wishes from the states!

4:13 am  
Anonymous andie said...

thanks frank! i will continue to plug architect whenever wherever i can. :) no doubts there. i just hope its working!!

4:41 pm  

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