Saturday, July 15, 2006


well, here i am back in civilisation. as soon as i got back from london comiccon, i jumped straight into my deadlines. but now that i'm done, i can breathe for a while, catchup on some emails, blog and eat and sleep. YAY for me. :) the convention was awesome. had a great time there, catching up with people, doing sketches, meeting great artists, and spending sometime in the green room where the cast of firefly, lost and dr who hung out. it was pretty awesome to say the least. so if i get invited again, i'll def be there. :D

here are some sketches from the convention. i still owe a few sketches to some folk who had to bail early due to flights, trains, etc. so they're on their way. thanks for the patience. :) thanks to all who came up to say hello, got sketches and picked up my sketchbook.

just finished a new spiderman script. the one with kraven, bullseye and spidey. it took a bit longer to finished then i anticipated as a had a bad week of artistic block where i just kept tearing pages up. added to that, the pressure of trying to find a new place to live before the end of july all contributed to my insomnia. but out of all that, i feel like i've produced my best spidey pages up to date. i finally got to draw NY city and mary jane, which i've been whispering in my editors ear for a spell. heh. here are three pages

as some of u might now, i have now been announced to do starship troopers issue 0. so i've just started thumbnailing and about to begin the 8 pager. just got back the coloured cover for issue #0 which i thought i'd share. the inker and colourist did an amazing job from my crappy pencils. u can view my pencils in an old blog entry below. markosia the publisher also shared a sketch of one of the main characters i did so here it is as well.

i'm currently in the process of revamping my website to incorporate this blog. so currently all but my contacts and rates/commission pages are down. these pages are available via links from the blog on the right of the page. soon enough i will have my gallery back online.

oh, and if i sound a tad western which i realised i used words like a spell and folk in a couple of sentences is due to me being a new fan of firefly. i was introduced to joss whedon's western galaxy adventure when i watched serenity on the plane once before i saw the series and didn't think much of it. probably also due to the small screen and crappy sound. but then after being at the london comic con, with nathan fillion and alan tudyk present and all, i was astounded with the amount of dedicated fans out there with it being such a short series. so i got curious. now that i'm watching firefly and loving the series, i think if i watch serenity again, i will def appreciate it more. i'm def a fan now and appreciate what the fans saw which makes me think, what a damn shame the show did not continue. networks and their bottom line. pffft. also makes me wish i could go back to the comic con just to say hi to the cast of firefly. i mean, i was in the same greenroom with them, for crying out loud. doh!

and on that note, g'day y'all.



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