Thursday, July 27, 2006


vent start.

so, we've been hard in search for a new place to live for over 7 weeks now. with a dog to consider, it hasn't been that easy to find a place in london, as u can imagine. we finally found a place with dog acceptance and everything and we tried to put a bid in. we were in direct contact with the landlord so everything seemed to be moving along nicely. then the landlord goes on a holiday. so for almost 2 weeks we were constantly calling up to the point where his message couldn't take anymore messages. we had to look at other places in the meantime of course, with the hope that the landlord would contact us soon. he finally did but only to tell us whilst he was away, his longtime realty agent signed up another couple so we've missed the boat. arrrrrghhhhhhhh.

so now, we gotta move by this weekend with no where to go. what a predicament. so we gave our current landlord a courtesy call to let him know we might be delayed by at least a week, hopefully no more and he replied with blackmail and threats as he wanted us to pay for the whole month and not only that, he wanted to raise the amount for this particular period which is completely illegal. double arrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh.

of course we said no but we would continue to pay the contractual amount and his response was, 'get out by this weekend or else u're in trouble' so we're gonna have to bring in a mediator now and it might get messy. i sure as hell hope not. but up to this point, our current landlord has been a mite ignorant of the whole tenant/landlord resposibility law thing, so i'm doubtful he will come to his senses. triple arrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh!

vent over.

anyways, so i might be non responsive via internet for about a week maybe two. i hope not. but if it happens, sincerest apologies. and any emails sent to me will be replied soon enough. thanks.

here's a piece of me in frustration over the whole long winded drama.


Blogger Andrew Cramer said...

Hey man, nice to see you have a blog! Im having trouble with landlords right now too! major headache!

10:05 pm  
Anonymous Howard Lawton said...

Hi Andie, been awhile since I last saw you during the 'Maushaus' days at Perth TAFE. Your artwork is fantastic, I remember your sketch books full of drawings and Jordan vs Barkley, you've come along way mate. Best wishes and hope you get everything sorted out in London!

Howard Lawton

11:18 am  
Blogger Lee said...

Love the sketch Andie! and I know how you feel life can get like this sometimes,hope you get things sorted out.Best,Lee

5:15 pm  
Blogger andie said...

hey andrew, thanks for dropping by dude! yah, landlords, who needs em. wait, hang on, i'm a landlord too back in aussie... but i think i'm fair! :D

holy faaaark! howard dude, wow. how u been mate? thanks for the kind words bro. what u up to now?

lee, thanks mate. yes, it finally did. thank goodness. :D

7:05 pm  
Anonymous markarena said...

I LOVE the sketch! I wanna see a colourist attack that one. :)

9:41 am  
Anonymous andie said...

thanks markarena! u could be the first to attempt it mate! ;)

5:47 pm  

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