Tuesday, July 25, 2006


loads of negaivity towards this movie. but i loved it. def loads of homage to the old christopher reeve movies but i think it holds its own also. i had chills when the old score was played in the theaters. great superman action. so i decided to colour the sketch i did in the entry before. i was humming the tune the whole time i was colouring this piece. got a bit lazy with the backgrounds tho. heh.


Blogger Rudy Vasquez Penciler said...

Very slick looking, just like the movie. I think it was graceful, tasteful, and well done. IMO, it may have lacked an unknown something but it's still a success in my book. Can't wait for the sequel. This is a great take on Supes Andie.

4:12 am  
Anonymous andie said...

wicked mate. yea, i reckon the sequel will be awesome. i think singer (if WB gives him the job, which many doubt) mentioned that there'll be something like an alien invasion. YAH! if that happens, we might get to see the awesome powers of superman unleashed. WOOP

2:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Superman sketch Andie!nice to see the pencills and colour version!

5:07 pm  
Blogger andie said...

thanks mate! :D

7:02 pm  

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