Friday, May 11, 2007


back from another great convention! thanks to the organisers, mike and dave and to panini and my editor, ed for having me there. although there were some slight complications in terms of signing space but it all got sorted out in the end. but apologies for those who couldn't find me on saturday and sunday.

i didn't get to sit down on saturday until about 2.30pm and on sunday i was unfortunately moved to another table for the remainder of the show. but still, did lots of sketches, unveiled my new sketchbook and A3 pinups, so all in all, a brilliant weekend. thanks to all the usual suspects i got to hang out, drink and be merry with. apologies to all those that i didn't get to hang out with all that much! here's to more bristol in 2008!


Blogger Sam said...

I met Andie this weekend at the Bristol Convention he's talking about and I must say that I think his sketches and commissions were well worth the price. An awesome artist and a really nice guy, thanks for the sketch!


7:01 am  
Blogger andie said...

thanks sam for the really kind words. uh, how do u want me to pay for the plug? hehe.

9:57 pm  

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