Friday, November 03, 2006


thanks everyone for another great show. for all those that attended and were patiently waiting for the sketches. apologies for all those that i missed out on sketching for as i was swamped pretty much both days. hopefully i'll get the chance to sketch at the next expo. thanks for putting up with my husky voice as i was nursing a slight flu and i pretty much lost my voice earlier on saturday.

thanks heaps to the expo organisers and all their great hard work. i had a fabulous spot just in front of the new ultimate marvel game which landed me right on the side of their life size spidey prop which obviously worked really really well. so, no, i didn't bring the spidey from home to set up and it's not from my garden. heh. thanks heaps to markosia, blink twice studio, pulp theatre, tozzer, john, lee, henry, alison, adam, brian, jamie, joe from desperado for making it a great show for me even tho some meetings were brief as it was. thanks to my editor, ed for popping in and doing an interview with me. helped take the pressure off. haha. thanks ryan for popping in mate. good to catch up. thanks to my sweetie, paula for popping in too, to take care of some photos i couldn't otherwise get. thanks to some great folks that came back to get multiple sketches from me and made the challenges great. paul, danny, winston, everyone, u know who u are! ultra doubly thanks.

thanks for all those that interviewed me and made me feel like a celebrity for the weekend. haha. now back down from cloud 9. for all those uni students doing their thesis, reports, whateva, hope the interviews help get u the A u deserve. hehe.

here's some sketches from that weekend, with a couple of shots of me signing and the life size spidey statue! YAY!


Blogger hazz said...

Andy what can i say? I hope to be where are one day! I better get back to work then haha Thanks again for the encouragement!



9:56 am  
Anonymous andie said...

dude thanks man!i still got a long ways to go but i'm pretty happy at where i am currently too! thanks again bro!

4:44 pm  
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