Tuesday, April 04, 2006

spidey vs magneto

still working and trying to finish up the last bits of issue 136 of spidey uk. currently listening to michael jackson's classic stuff, 'rock with u, etc'. yes, that's right, i do like jacko. not for his recent weird antics but his old music stuff still rocks. haha. when it comes to music, i listen to the beats first and then the lyrics. loved the beats on jacko's stuff.

just heard 'bad' and looking back and i remembered the video and thought of what jacko in his mind envisioned as bad boys and laughed my head off. this was done in the 90s. but the vision he had was very 80s. like out of the 'fame' tv series. i think i might go listen to method man and redman after this. lol.

finally got my working table back. for the last week i had to move to another room to work cause some friends came over from perth to visit london and they've been crashing at our pad. so i haven't had my normality conditions of work. hopefully, i'll kick into full gear and start pushing these pages out now. they've gone to scotland to visit family until sunday. they'll be back by then and if i haven't finished all i have to do, i'll have to move back to the make shift work area. i'm aiming to be waaay finished by then tho. cause new york will be around the corner after that and i don't wanna be doing last minute stuff.

here's a panel from a page of 136. thought u might like to see a rough before i go to finish inks. magneto getting his butt kicked by a very angry spidey. the subsequent panels were too visually disturbing to show. haha. just kidding. this is aimed as a kid's book after all. no doubt editors will have to colour in what was meant to be blood as saliva.


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