Wednesday, April 09, 2008


just uploading the last two sketches i managed to get done over the weekend. no more MARKER MADNESS till i get back from NY unfortunately. meantime, YO JOE!

the final piece of MARKER MADNESS i got to do over the weekend. and what a way to finish up! on a down. i am so mad with this piece. nothing came out right! lol. i used a diff paper which made the blending near impossible as the ink dried up as soon as it hit the surface. the ink was just bleeding all over the place and i made a terrible mistake over the groin area which made her looked like she had testicles, so had to use white out which made it impossible to then colour over the white out. so ya, worse piece of the MARKER MADNESS bunch. but now i know not to use that damn paper again!!!! :D i will most likely redo this!


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