Sunday, March 30, 2008


no marker madness today unfortunately as i was busy finishing up thumbnails/roughs/layouts for the latest issue of spec spidey uk. i thought u might be interested in having a rare look at the preproduction work that goes into comics and the journey before a spec spidey issue ends up on the shelves. these were actually done full size as roughs. then shrunk down as thumbnails for easier viewing. not as clear unfortunately but it's not meant to be. heh.


Blogger 丹尼士文摘(佳句庫) said...

What’s wonderful site, dennis from HONG KONG.

11:20 pm  
Anonymous andie said...

thanks sir!

6:47 am  
Blogger Lee said...

Great to see the thumbnails Andie! do you use a light box and trace them onto bristol board? how long does it take you to draw one of the pages? see you in New York dude!

6:29 pm  
Anonymous andie said...

hey lee, naw, don't have a light box! it's thumbnailed and roughed out onto the board itself so it's 100% size. it takes me about half a day if i'm lucky. one day usually! yep, c ya then! :)

3:44 pm  
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