Sunday, November 08, 2009


so. uhm. yea. my over ambitious attempt to upload a sketch of the day everyday failed completely. ended up being a sketch every other day and even sometimes, a sketch every other week. in the end, work, deadlines and a little bit of life caught me in a bind. as much as i would have loved to do a sketch everyday, time just became a crucial factor. so i'm now introducting PIECE OF THE DAY(POTD) and SKETCH OF THE WEEK(SOTW) just to take the pressure off a bit.

the beauty of POTD is that the work is done. just showcasing stuff i've been up to for these so called deadlines i'm always talking about. i will try my bestest to upload at least one piece a day. included will also be sketches i've done back in the day or at conventions but just simply haven't had the opportunity to show. and with SOTW, i will upload a sketch towards the end of every week, mainly friday.

so to kick things off, here is a piece commissioned by my mate, michael finn. he's infamous '1 minute later' collection whereby i take an original cover, in this particular instance, x-men #19, and turn it into another cover of what happens one minute after.

original cover...

a minute later...


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